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Air Charter Broker Information 

Air Charter Broker Information  
Planning air charter transportation can be confusing and time consuming. An Air Charter Broker not only arranges the various modes of transportation, but in most situations can save you a considerable amount of time and money by having access to information not generally known to those outside the industry.

An Air Charter Broker Knows the Business

We are often asked "Why do I need an Air Charter Broker?" The simple answer to this question, is that we are professionals in the air charter business and we represent the best interest of our clients and the charter operators. U.S. Skylink has been in the business of coordinating on demand charter for passengers and freight for almost 15 years! Our Management Team carries more than 50 years of cumulative experience into every charter we manage.

Unlike commercial airline's, there are very few ways you are able to find available aircraft from a reputable operator at an affordable price. You can easily imagine the effort involved with researching hundreds of Charter Operators to determine who can safely get you or your important cargo, from point A to point B. Once you have decided who you should travel with, contacting them one at a time for price quotes can be an all-day project at minimum. U.S. Skylink takes the guesswork out of the cumbersome process of private air charter and we use our industry knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Air Charter Broker Process

In both the Passenger and Freight Air Charter segments, U.S. Skylink follows a methodical process to first determine your exact needs and then find the best price for your air charter. Once we have decided on the best type of aircraft private charter, we employ the power of technology to seek out the exact operators who will have an aircraft best positioned to your needs.

Empty Leg

Not only did we coin the phrase, but we live by it every day in every charter we help to coordinate! In the air charter industry, an empty leg is the common term for the travel portion of a charter that is not carrying passengers or freight. Most often, when a charter aircraft travels from point A to point B, the trip back to the home airport flies empty! Our goal is to seek out those empty flights and thus the best pricing!

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