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Air Freight Charter Information

Air Freight Charter Information  

Urgent Air Freight CharterWhen it comes to finding the right aircraft at the right price for your urgent freight shipments, U.S. Skylink will meet and exceed your expectations!

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Air Freight Charter Logistics

From the moment we receive the request, your urgent need for an Air Freight Charter becomes our #1 priority! Our core team of Charter Coordinators' has more than 60 years of knowledge & experience in the On-Demand Air Charter industry. We clearly understand the importance of your needs and each Charter is handled with the urgency you have come to expect from a Professional!

The challenge for most Logistics Managers today is time! When you are faced with the problem of supply shortage or a plant-down situation, time is NOT on your side! The last thing you can afford to do is thumb through your files and make several phone calls to air charter operators for price quotes. Aside from having to repeat the same information several times, each call can take up to 5-10 minutes before you ever know the cost!

Air Charter Quotes through Advanced Technology

Charter Bid BoardWe were not the first in the air charter industry to incorporate an Active Quoting System into our daily operations, however, after several years of planning and development, our new system has quickly emerged as one of the easiest and feature rich options in the marketplace when it comes to On-Demand Air Charter!

Our first goal was to develop the best way to get your urgent needs in front of the RIGHT Operators in the shortest amount of time, without sacrificing the ability to provide an accurate quote directly online! How many times have you requested a air charter quote only to have an operator call you 10 minutes later for more information? If your answer is only ONCE, it is one time too many!

Our next concern was how to make the information available to operators in such a way that they were able to provide an accurate quote within 2 mouse clicks! As well as the ability to provide the price quote, we wanted to give the operators the choice of declining to quote, based on the information in their company profiles. This assured the operators that when they saw a request from U.S. Skylink, they knew it was the exact type of charter request they asked to be notified about!

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