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The AVCHART quoting and bid system from U.S. Skylink Air Charter, Inc. has become popular for several reasons. The most common reason we hear from our users, however, concerns the ease of use! The Demo and Help system below will walk you through the four phases of an air charter, when managed through the AVCHART system.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-847-2477 today for a personal walk-through of the system.


Account Setup and Maintenance
Client Account Screen
The Client account page contains all information about you and your business.
Charter Usage - Please tell us the type of air charter you most commonly use. This choice will determine the different navigation links you see in the main account menu.
Account Login and Password - The information contained in these two fields determine the login and passwrd for your account. The email address used in this section will be the email used for all email coorespondence.
Login to AVCHART charter system
Client Login Screen
On the left side of this page and most pages within the U.S. Skylink web site, you will see a section titled "U.S. Skylink Client Login". In this area, you enter the email address that was used when your account was created, as well as the password you chose.
Account Password Retrieval
If you have forgotten your password, you can use the password reminder utility to send an email to the registered account holder. The email will contain your password as well as login instructions.

Client Welcome Screen
Upon successful login, you will be taken to your Client Welcome Screen. This area is made up of five (5) main sections to assist you in navigating your way throughout the AVCHART system.


AVCHART Navigation - This contains all areas of the AVCHART system.
Account Management - This sections contains your business information, including email and contact information.
Quote Request Management - From this section you can add new requests or view your request history for both freight and passenger charters.
Location & Passenger Management - In this section you add and maintain locations and/or passengers you have used in previous charters.
Customer Service Links - The group of links in this section helps you connect to U.S. Skylink.
Request For Freight Charter Quotes (RFQ's)
Freight Charter Request
When you choose to request a quote for a freight charter, you are presented with four (4) different types of requests. The four types are explained below.
Airport to Airport Charter (Details) - For this type of charter, U.S. Skylink will find the best aircraft and pricing available to fly your freight. An Airport to Airport Charter means the customer will arrange all ground transportation outside the airports.
Airport to Door Charter (Details) - This type of charter means you have arranged for ground transportation to the origin airport and we will find the aircraft and ground transportation to deliver your freight directly to the door of the consignee.
Door to Airport Charter - For this type of charter we will locate ground transportation to the origin airport and the aircraft to reach the destination airport. Ground transportation from the airport door of the consignee will not be arranged by us.
Door to Door Charter - Simply put, we handle every aspect of this type of charter. We handle ground & air transportation to move your freight from dock to dock!
Airport to Airport Charter Screen
Designates the type of charter request being prepared
Tell us when the shipment will be ready, as well as the departure airport details
The airport lookup can be used to search for airports
Tell us your "Protect Time" or the time and date the shipment MUST arrive.
Choose next to go to the freight information. (Details)

Door to Airport Charter Screen
In addition to the options above, charters requesting ground transportation have the following options below:

If you have locations in your profile - Stop and choose one now.
If you prefer to have us find the best airport, check this box and provide a postal code.
Additional information about your location can be seen by clicking this link.
Airport Confirmation - Freight Information Screen
The airport confirmation and freight information screen is the second to last step in preparing a request for quote in the AVCHART system. On this page you will confirm your airport selections and provide us with all the critical details about your shipment.
Airport Display - This section shows you the airports you chose for this request. If you need to make changes, do so now.
Stop and Confirm - Reminder to confirm your airport information before proceeding.
Hazardous Materials Information - Yes or No. Tell us if all or part of your shipment is hazardous material.
Freight Dimensions - In this section you must provide information regarding your shipment. Choose Pallet or Pieces, provide dimensions, as well as basic information about the item(s). If Hazmat, this is where you will tell us the Class & UN number.
Palletized Requirements - If you shipment must remain on pallets for shipping, please let us know. If it must arrive to the dock on pallets, please let us know that as well.
Notes - The notes section provides an area for you to let us know any additional information about your shipment which may be helpful to us.
Review, Confirm and Submit Request
The confirmation screen give you another opportunity to verify all information for this request before sending it to us.
Airport Display - This section shows you the airports you chose for this request. If you need to make changes, do so now.
Stop and Confirm - Reminder to confirm your airport information before proceeding.
Hazardous Materials Information - Yes or No. Tell us if all or part of your shipment is hazardous material.
Freight Dimensions - This is where you tell U.S. Skylink about your shipment. Choose Pallet or Pieces, provide dimensions, weight and basic information about the freight. If the freight is Hazmat, please provide us with the Class & UN number.

Request Confirmation
Once your request has been submitted to the AVCHART system, your RFQ will be assigned a unique tracking number which will be used throughout the system to identify your request. You will also receive an email with the details of your request.

If you chose to request a charter that required ground transportation on either end, you will have the opportunity to save the location(s) to your permanent records, thus you will never have to enter the information again when using the same locations in future requests.


At this point - the power of the AVCHART system comes to life! With each request, every member of our charter operations & management team receives multiple types of notification to ensure immediate response and quick results! From emails, to SMS text notification's, to pager notifications, you can be assured that your request has been received within 1 minute of the time you pressed the submit button!

After being reviewed by us, the AVCHART algorithm filters the exact types of aircraft that can handle your trip regardless of where the managing operator is located, and sends out requests for price quotes. In most cases, your request will filter and contact all capable operators within 3 minutes of your submission!

This step will locate transient aircraft which may be in the area of your freight, awaiting a mission to get them back home! The end result is significant savings to you and a FAST solution to your urgent air charter need!

Viewing REQUEST STATUS and Quotes
Request Status and Summary
After your request has been sent to the AVCHART system, you have the ability to monitor its progress through each phase of the process. The RFQ details screen contains all pertinent information about your request and the page automatically refreshes itself every 60 seconds.
RFQ Tracking Number - This is your request for quote tracking number. Should you need to contact us, please use this number as a reference.
RFQ Status - This section shows you the status of your request. From the time it was submitted, to its current status in the AVCHART queue.
Request Summary - The basic details of your request.

Quote Received
As soon as we process a quote(s) to your request, (Usually within just a few minutes) you will receive an email notification.

In addition to the email, if you have left the Request Status page open in your browser, you will see an additional area showing the quote(s).

Request Status - This section will change to reflect the posting of a quote(s)
Quote Summary - The quote summary shows you the quote(s) amount, as well as the positioning and leg time from the charter operator. To view all the details of the quote, click on the quote amount.

Quote View and Request Booking
The quote view screen contains all the important details about this charter quote.


First Rights Availability - When an operator provides a quote to us they will occasionally allow us a short period of time to decide on booking the aircraft. Due to the nature of On-Demand air freight, this time may be less than 30 minutes for you to decide if this is right for you. When a charter operator grants U.S. Skylink the first right of refusal, this does allow a short period of time to make the ultimate decision, but it is not meant to be considered a reservation. On high-demand days, we have had operators call us 5 minutes after providing a quote with 45 minutes first rights and tell us we have to decide right now! First rights should be viewed as an operators obligation to call us back within an allotted time frame (ex: 30 minutes) and offer us the aircraft, before it is released to another buyer.
Aircraft & Cost Details - This section contains the details about the aircraft type, positioning and leg time, as well as the amount of Federal Excise Tax included in the quote when applicable.
Services included in Quote - There are several additional fees associated with all air charters from landing to load and offload fees. We do our best to provide each quote as all-inclusive and all included fees will be shown in this area.
Booking Request - Once you are confident we have found the best solution to your urgent need, pressing the "Request Booking" button will prompt your charter coordinator to begin the process of reserving the aircraft for this charter.
what happens next?

At this point - the charter coordinator who has been assigned your request, is already familiar with your urgent needs and knows the intimate details of your quote, will take several steps to get the aircraft moving!

  • First - Your coordinator verbally confirms the availability of the aircraft with the operator!
  • Next, a call is placed to you verifying the booking request and quote amount.
  • Once we receive your verbal confirmation, the aircraft is reserved and the charter moves to an Active Charter status.

Congratulations!! You just booked your charter with the confidence that you got the best price in the shortest amount of time, without ever having to pick up the phone and waste precious time!

Active Charter Tracking

Active Charter
Once a charter has been booked, the AVCHART system becomes a full air charter management system. You'll be kept up to date via the AVCHART system email updates. These same updates are always available in your AVCHART website account. You'll have the ability to track your charters via Flight Explorer or any other aircraft tracking tools you may have. Or, you can always just call us! However you receive your updates, rest assured that U.S. Skylink puts the same priority on your on-demand air charter as you do.

Your charter will be updated with notes and estimated or actual times as the aircraft flies toward its destination. Every time an update or change is made in your active charter, both you and your CC list will receive automatic email notifications alerting you of the update details!

Charter Status - Current status of charter
Company CC (Carbon Copy) Box - This box holds the list of people you want to be notified of any activity concerning this air charter. Each time an update occurs, they too will receive email alerts.
Charter Logistics - The logistics section contains the important times associated with your charter. Estimated and actual times are shown to provide you the confidence of knowing the whereabouts of your shipment at all times!

Charter Completed - P.O.D. Received!
When we receive verification that the aircraft has landed, our attention is immediately focused on obtaining a P.O.D. (proof of delivery) on your urgent freight!

As soon as a P.O.D. is obtained, we update the AVCHART system and send an email to you and your CC list with all of the details of the P.O.D. including the date/time, location, and full name of the person who signed for your freight.

We'll also call you (if you desire) just to be sure you are aware the freight has been delivered!

Charter Status - Current status of charter
Company CC (Carbon Copy) Box - This box holds the list of people who were notified of any activity concerning this air charter.
Charter Logistics - Since this charter is now completed, this section contains the actual times the aircraft or delivery occurred.
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